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Tuesday, May 5 2015

Vox Is Here!

Village Music is now selling VOX Amplifiers. Renown for their sparkling tone, Vox amps are a great piece to have in studio or on stage. Stop in and check one out today!


Monday, August 26 2013

Stringing that guitar up the right way! Or at least one of several right ways.

There's a neat article up on Gibson's lifestyle site that covers a few different ways to string your favorite guitar back up.

I thought it was neat, as it shows a few different options you may not have thought about.

Have a look!

Monday, August 12 2013

Take care of your guitar!

Gibson's Nitrocellulose finishes are not only beautiful, but they allow the wood to breathe. Be sure to care for them with the proper polish. Wax polish like you may use on the coffee table could seal up the Nitrocellulose, and that's not what we're going for. Gibson makes a very affordable polish kit to keep your guitar looking sharp. Oiling your fretboard and polishing the body can keep your guitar looking great for a lifetime. Stop by and learn how! Supplies are readily available.

Saturday, July 20 2013

Gibson Guitars that Tune Themselves!

If you haven't heard about it, Many of your favorite Gibson models like Les Paul, SG, can be factory fitted with the Min-ETune system. This system will allow the guitar to automatically tune itself into one of many tunings.

If you have not seen it, check out our link below. Or just stop by the store for a demo.

Wednesday, July 3 2013


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